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A number of Heritage Events have been organized by the Wilno Heritage Society to celebrate and commemorate our heritage.
Some of these have become Annual Events:
like the Kashub Day festival held each year on the first Saturday in May. The first Kashub Day was held May 1, 1999.
Also, the Wilno Heritage Society organizes a special event to mark Ontario's Heritage Day/Week in late February of each year.
In 2006, an annual multicultural Hockey Tournament weekend [Opeongo Heritage Cup Match] was organized by Wilno Heritage President, David Shulist, and the Wilno Heritage Society participates in this special event along with three other local heritage groups.
The Wilno Heritage Society also participates in a number of local community events such as the annual Ottawa Valley Tourist Association Rural Ramble in September, the annual Barry's Bay Bay Day on the long weekend in May, Christmas parades, etc.

Other events vary from year to year and are organized to mark important occasions, Special Events, such as our Polish Soldier's Day, August 14, 2004, to mark the opening of our museum exhibit honouring the Canadians who fought for Poland in WWI;
and our Music Tribute Day, August 20, 2006, to honour the participants in the 1973 field recording by John M. Glofcheskie , and to mark the release of the CD: Songs and Dances from Canada's Oldest Polish Community.

A Special Event in 2002, was organized by the Wilno Heritage Society to honour Fr. Al Rekowski with plaques in recognition of his outstanding legacy as a Kashub historian and as the author of the book:  The Saga of the Kashub People in Poland, Canada and the U.S.A.  Fr. Rekowski gave the Wilno Heritage Society the rights to this important book which is available in the Heritage Store. Fr. Rekowski passed away in June, 2006, and a special Tribute Display was featured at the Museum in the summer of 2006.
Shown in the photo, Summer 2002, front row, from left: Lynne Visutskie, Teenie Shulist, Fr. Rekowski, Rachel Etmanskie, Shirley Mask Connolly; back row, from left: Phil Biernaskie, Mary Bloskie and Ed Chippior.

To learn more about some of our Special Events and view  photos from past events, CLICK ON the years below.

Don't miss the section of Special Events from 2008 featuring the 150th Anniversary of the Arrival of the very First Kashubs to Canada. 

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