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Welcome to our page for Canada's Polish/Kashub Cultural Traditions

Renfrew County is Canada's Polish Kashub Heartland with Wilno being the centre.  Wilno is Canada's First Polish Settlement. 

The Polish Kashub History in Canada was 150 years old in the year 2008. 

When our ancestors arrived here 1858, they brought with them a the unique Kashub culture.  This culture had its own language, music, dance, food, furniture style, embroidery and unique churches.

 Many great social and government leaders have been produced through this Kashub culture which is rich in tradition and endures with strength and growth even to this day.

From books, to embroidery courses, to festivals and beyond, we will endeavor to enrich your knowledge of the Polish/Kashub culture in Canada with the pages produced in this section of our web site. Please click on any and all of the links on the right, and enjoy!

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